Products & Services

ASTGC specializes in following types of services and supplies

Contracting, construction and Rehabilitation
Construction And Paving Roads
Building Constructions
Construction and Installation of Electrical Substation
Installation and Commissioning of Company Package Substations (Kiosks)
Water Treatment Systems installation and commissioning
Supply and installation of street lighting projects with poles in many provinces

General Trade (Specialized in Supplying Following Items)

Supply of Industrial, Electrical Generation Equipment
Supply of Gas Turbine and its spares
Electrical Products for Industrial, Commercial , Domestic , Camping, Caravans and Marine Industries
PLC and SCADA system Installation and Commissioning
High Rating Power Transformers from Reputed Origins
Power & Distribution Transformers from reputed brands and origins
HV LV Cables , Twisted Cable , Communications cables
Smart Parking Solutions
MCCBs, Contractors, Relays, switches
Vehicles, 4WD/2WD, Armored, Golf Cars
Heavy Construction Vehicles
Multi-Purpose Industrial Machines
Fluid Sealing
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety and Firefighting Equipment
Water Treatment Packages
Mega Deal Generators

Oil & Gas Sector

Supply of Valves, Fittings Gasket, Bolts and Flow Instruments
OCTG, BTC and Premium Connections.
Drilling Chemicals and Additives
Drilling Pipes, Casing, Line Pipes,
Seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes
Skids, Compressed Air, Dryers, Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels and Tanks
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