Company Supplies and Services

ASTGC specializes in following types of services and supplies

  • Contracting, construction and Rehabilitation
  • Construction And Paving Roads
  • Building Constructions
  • Construction and Installation of Electrical Substation
  • Installation and Commissioning of Company Package Substations (Kiosks)
  • Water Treatment Systems installation and commissioning
  • Supply and installation of street lighting projects with poles in many provinces


General Trade (Specialized in Supplying Following Items)

  • Supply of Industrial, Electrical Generation Equipment
  • Supply of Gas Turbine and its spares
  • Electrical Products for Industrial, Commercial , Domestic , Camping, Caravans and Marine Industries
  • PLC and SCADA system Installation and Commissioning
  • High Rating Power Transformers from Reputed Origins
  • Power & Distribution Transformers from reputed brands and origins
  • HV LV Cables , Twisted Cable , Communications cables
  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • MCCBs, Contractors, Relays, switches
  • Vehicles, 4WD/2WD, Armored, Golf Cars
  • Heavy Construction Vehicles
  • Multi-Purpose Industrial Machines
  • Fluid Sealing
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety and Firefighting Equipment
  • Water Treatment Packages
  • Mega Deal Generators

Oil & Gas Sector

  • Supply of Valves, Fittings Gasket, Bolts and Flow Instruments
  • OCTG, BTC and Premium Connections.
  • Drilling Chemicals and Additives
  • Drilling Pipes, Casing, Line Pipes,
  • Seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes
  • Skids, Compressed Air, Dryers, Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels and Tanks