The company is working with government  and Foreign departments
in the following areas:

1.      Contracting

  •   Construction Contracting paving the roads
  •  Contracting of buildings construction
  •  Contracting of construction and  installation of the sub stations
  •  Installation and Commissioning of Compact substations (Kiosks)
  •  PLC and SCADA system Installation and Commissioning
  •  Water Treatment Systems installation and commissioning

2.     General Trading

  • Supply of various branded high rating electrical generators from internationally renowned origins
  • Supply of Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Supply of high and low tension power cables as well
    as wires or different sizes
  • Supply of different capacity MCCB, Circuit Breakers
  • Supply vehicles, trucks, multi-purpose industrial machinery
  • Supply and installation of street lighting projects with poles in many provinces.
  •   Supply of oil pipeline and OCTG
  • Supply all Electrical Spare parts ,Safety Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment

 3.     Manufactured a new automatic transfer system (ATS) for local use



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