ADHWA ALSHAMAL FOR TRADING AND GENERAL CONTRACTING COMPANY  LLC., was founded in 2013 in Iraq – Baghdad, and the company has been able to occupy a prestigious and privileged position between the Iraqi and the international companies that have created the living model for continued growth through continuous performance towards expansion since its founding until today. Adhwa AlShamal, keeps accomplishing its activities successfully in the areas of construction – contracting, general trading, as it introduces the world’s best and the latest techniques in Iraq, such as smart parking. The company is known today as being a strong national investor and a model for the ideal initiative and a vivid example.The company completed a number of vital projects through sincerity, technical competencies , financial strength and its staff with extensive technical experience. The company holds in its portfolio, the construction and infrastructure projects,in particular, housing projects, buildings and projects of the industrial enterprises , projects of energy and agricultural and service projects as well as projects that have been instrumental in advancing the development in Iraq, in addition to the supplying of materials of high quality specifications from reputed origins. The company has succeeded to be the preferred partner on the level of Iraq as well as have representatives in different parts of the world including the United States, United Kingdom ,the United Arab Emirates, Europe, China, India and Turkey.